The challenge: increasing scale on key target keywords while maintaining low bounce rates & conversions:

BigCommerce is driven by one goal: helping businesses thrive online.

BigCommerce prides itself on being a forward-thinking company, experimenting with different business models, working styles, new technologies and strategic partnerships. To keep pace with the speed of change in the e-commerce space, it was clear they had to quickly scale up their SEO while maintaining a strong focus on low bounce rates & conversions.

BigCommerce set out to find a unique SEO solution that would strengthen their ranking & authority as a trusted, innovative and agile solution for businesses that are looking to sell online.

The solution: a unique opportunity to scale their SEO

With this goal in mind, BigCommerce began to consider Ranked not only as an SEO solution, but as a strategic partner. Ranked has the scale to see how to rank across different markets & geographical areas through content – with this in mind, Seo-boost worked with their marketing team to achieve significant growth on both competitive and long tail keywords.

By working with Seo-boost’s content specialists, BigCommerce was able to target small businesses directly through a dedicated blog category that resulted in acquiring customers that are difficult to target through traditional advertising methods.

As a result, BigCommerce was able to achieve:

  • Considerable growth on target keywords
  • Seo-boost across multiple geographical locations.
  • Significant bounce rate improvement.

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